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Mini Teacup Puppy Profile

Mini Teacup Puppy is a famous pet dog business
in Korea which has a pet dog shop and a kennel.
We are specialized in teacup puppies. We are not a dirty place like a puppy factory.
We feed enough breast milk of mother dog, inoculate them, prevent them
from being exposed to disease, and breed small puppies by mating small
father dog and mother dog.
We do not like the word teacup very much as it can be misunderstood as
a small and weak puppy which will die easily.
After much research, we found that vulnerable and easily dead puppies are
related to inbreeding. Therefore, we never try inbreeding.
We use small but healthy and good-looking mother and father dog to breed
small and healthy puppies. We have knowhow to give a birth to small,
pretty and healthy puppies. That is why so many customers like us and choose
Mini Teacup Puppy as their pet shop.
If you select us, Mini Teacup Puppy, you will not regret for it.