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Promise to you before purchase

I do my best for my staffs and puppies. Therefore, you must take it granted to pay such a fee. If you have a company tempting you with small, good-looking and good pedigree puppies at a low price anywhere in the world, it is a fraud. Our motto is to set a reasonable price and sell the best puppy at a bubble-free price. I know some companies advertising teacup puppies but their puppies will grow up to be big dogs. I know some companies advertising good-looking puppies but they will grow up to be ugly dogs. They are scammers. I know that there are some companies that advertise small puppies in the picture and video and then send big and ugly dogs when the customer places an order. If you select us, you will not experience such disappointment and frustration. If you have a puppy that is different from what you order, you will have your money back. It is our promise.