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Sweetest baby
miniteacup brought me Jerry (now known as Miso), she is the sweetest baby girl. She’s very playful, loves being around people, and she is just perfect! The whole process was smooth, I was offered vide..
So finally Adela is here in Germany and I could not be happier. She is the puppy I always dreamed of and she is even more beautiful as on the photos. Kim and his wife are professionals and everything ..
Kai Poodle
We bought a mini teacup poodle from Kim, his name is Kai. It was a very long time that we were trying to find a good company where to buy very small puppies like him but we never had good experiences ..
​I am overjoyed with love for my new baby. I was so worried and all for nothing. I received my baby healthy and happy and her doctor was quite happy with her also. Don’t hesitate to purchase from mini..
The Best Dog in the WORLD!!
I had been doing research for a really long time to find the perfect teacup puppy. I live in a small apartment so I knew it was important that I have a really small dog to fit my lifestyle. I chose Mi..
The most perfect puppy!!
Mini Teacup Puppy has far exceeded my expectations! Chloé is the most perfect puppy in the world! She arrived in great condition with the best personality which proves how well Mini Teacup Puppy takes..
Jessica Bartlett2019-01-31151
My dog is Perfect
My dog arrived in Los Angeles and is absolutely perfect. He was delivered to me and is exactly like the pictures. He is so small and sweet. I took him to the vet and he is perfectly healthy. I love hi..
Kyla Kenedy 2018-12-31189
Double Delivery to Thailand
Yhohan and his wife has delivered 2 magnificence little puppies to Thailand.I have contacted Yhohan and been communicating with him for a while after I have seen adorable pictures of Soseji (pomerania..
Mini poodle
I’ve always dreamed about having a mini puppy which would be cute and tiny ! Until I found this amazing website! I’m really happy that I found out about this website!! My kids are really enjoying the ..
Beautiful chihuahua !!
mexico pom
What a precious baby !
We were very apprehensive at first about getting a puppy to Hong Kong, but Miniteacup kept us informed every step of the way. We wanted a mini French bulldog and they recommended a puppy per my reques..
teacup poodle
I was of course apprehensive at first. I got a Maltese from Korea a year ago from another kennel, and I received a different dog than I was shown She also got much bigger than expected. I decided to t..
cassandra troutman2018-05-02339
my baby came to me!
I was very worried because I heard that small puppies could not live more than a yr.Also, they could send different puppy and even taking deposits without sending puppy.The most worried point was if i..