Name : JELLY

color :WHITE


  Click for video to see JELLY in Action!!


We do not use excessive Photoshop to trick our customers.
We can deliver within two weeks.
We can deliver safely around the world.
You need a $ 1,000 If you want to reserve this puppy.

After making a reservation, you have to pay the rest of the money within two weeks.

If the price of a puppy is $ 5000,
Deposit $ 1000 + The remainder of the payment $ 4000 = $ 5000

**If you remitted the deposit and canceled the puppy, the deposit will not be refunded.**



– mini teacup puppy –





If you want this teacup puppy, please contact us.

We will provide you with a video of this teacup puppy.

You can contact us as follows.
Phone Number: +82 10 5552 3090

Whatsapp ID : +82 10 5552 3090

Instagram ID :miniteacuppuppy

  1. Wechat ID: miniteacuppuppy

Kakao talk ID: snoopydogs

LINE ID : miniteacuppuppy

Mail adress ID: kyhplease@gmail.com

– teacup puppy –

Additional information

Weight 6 kg